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Teachers’ sit-in enters second day; heat knocks down many; 

21 Junie 2011 01:14:19 nm

Teachers’ sit-in enters second day; heat knocks down many;

‘We will protest until our demands are accepted’; Teachers

Teachers of the Basic Education Project (BEP) under the National Education Foundation (NEF) are still protesting against closure of their project by the government on the second day in front of parliament house Islamabad in D-Chowk.

“Nearly twenty teachers have fell unconscious since Monday but the government is still not responding to their demands,” said the protestors and they also added that the government has not facilitated them at all -- water was not available, streets lights and the lights of the parliament were also turned off by the government.

Muhammad Saleem a teacher also said, “The mosque near the parliament house was also locked by the government at night during the time of prayers and the protestors were forced to offer their prayers outside it”.

While talking to INFN, Hafiz Muhammad said, “Khurshid Shah, PPP’s MNA with some other colleagues came to us yesterday but just tried to give consolation through words. Marvi Maimon, MNA from PML (Q) has also given us hope by taking the issue to the Senate and the National Assembly while a Committee was reported to have been formed in the auspices of Senator Raza Rabbani (PPP).

A delegation from amongst the protesting teachers was called by the government in the morning but ended without any solution while they were called in again at 1:30 pm by Dupty Speaker, Faisal Kareem but still the issue is unresolved.”


“The government has not so far tried to facilitate the protestors but despite that depriving them of the facilities available here. Only some NGOs like ‘ALEF, LAAM, MEEM’, ‘Council for Human Welfare’, Roshni Foundation, Memoona Foundation and Benyard are helping the helpless teachers in the roasting heat”, briefed Takki Shah, a protesting teacher.