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Mehfil-e-Mausiqi in PNCA gets jam-packed respons 

21 Junie 2011 01:47:43 nm

Mehfil-e-Mausiqi in PNCA gets jam-packed respons

Mehfil-e-Mausiqi was held here in PNCA auditorium scheduled by Pakistan National Council of the Arts and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to entertain the people of twin cities on Monday night where Raheem Shah, cute Fareeha, aged -11 and Chotay Ustad Moon sung a variety of songs with their stunning and eye-catching performances which continued on three sessions. The first session performed by Chotay Ustad Moon on the stage about 25 mints and contains on 6 songs, second session was rocked by Fareeha that continued for about 20 minutes and Raheem Shah sung 12 songs which forced the audiences to sit on stairs because hall was totally full and huge number of audience came for these singers that compelled them for dance and bhangra even on the stage of auditorium as well.

Chotay Ustad started Mehfil-e-Mausiqi and sung 6 songs on the stage on spectator’s insisting and dedicated different songs to the audience as well, “Dill nai lagda tyaray bina” attracted the people on the occasion and audience enjoyed a lot.

Auditorium hall was totally jam-packed as there ware no vacant seats for music lovers because an enormous number of viewers belonging to different areas came for screening and heard this stunning concert of the three famous singers, song “Aj kala jora pa sadi farmaish tay,” was the best catchy song of the Fareeha session and dedicated this song to those who were wearing black suite among the audience in the hall of auditorium, which was so joyful for them and a created enormous moment for the audience.

Famous singer Raheem Shah started by a Pashto song “ Mama day mama day” Raheem sung 12 different songs on classical, bhangra, and Pashto themes with his rocking and heart- touching styles on the demand of listeners even the oldest women of the hall who demanded for her favourite song.

While taking to INFN, oldest woman of the hall said, “I am feeling so good in this Mehfil-e-Mausiqi because it reminds me of my youth which I spent with my life partner.

“We are Pakistanis and a great nation of the world,” Raheem remarked with beautiful smiling faces while performing on the stage.

Many people demanded for Pashto song so Raheem replied, “There are also Punjabi, Balochi and Sindhi here, dear”.

A well-known song by Raheem Shah, “Chana way chana” was the best catchy song of the show that he sang after repeated demands of the audience and this song compelled the guys, ladies, children for dance even old men and women as well in the hall.