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Tailors over-burdened sewing cloths for Eid 

17 Augustus 2011 12:55:38 nm

Tailors over-burdened sewing cloths for Eid


Shopping trend is listless due to spiralling price-hike while a lot of ladies bribe for sewing

As the Eid is round the corner and people from all walks of life are worrying about their shopping for the Eid, those who were late to shop clothes are dying to get them sewed.


“The prices of the clothing has increased manifold since last year while every mother like me is seen worried that how to buy cloths and other things for Eid for their children. But it’s unavoidable to buy things for obstinate children who time and again keep on reminding us of the Eid items so we had to buy for them whatsoever happens,” Naseem Bibi said in the Bazaar during shopping.


Muhammad Waseem and Muhammad Saleem, two brothers, who are both tailors by profession in Moti Mahal Rawalpindi work day and night even in this holy month of Ramazan where not only the tiring work is a very hard thing for them but constant load shedding as well as the rush of the people who demand stitched clothes before time is a great worry.

The customers also try to pay and convince them to do as directed. Some even try to bribe them into sewing their clothes.


Muhammad Saleem said, “This is the season for the tailors when we can only make some profit while in the other months we don’t have lot of work with which we could easily make our both ends meet. The load shedding is also great problem these days for us while on the other hand this is the month of Ramazan and we can’t work for too many hours.”


Sultana Bibi, a mother of 4 children in Jinnah Super said, “I have to buy new dresses for my children so these days the prices are out of reach of common people while no one is even bothered to check the prices of different wearing materials and decorations.”


Various shopkeepers in the city confirmed the surge in prices of cloths, sandals and other things etc due to the inflation in the country while they were blaming widespread levying of taxes on each and every single commodity whether the prices of food item or the wearing necessity.


In most of the countries prices are kept constantly fixed and under control but ours is a country where the price of the same item is told differently in different shops while cheating people. This is a very serious matter and needs the attention of the concerned authorities to bring this issue under consideration and a proper check and balance should also be observed.


The government is reported to have been keeping an eye on the price in the Sasta Bazaars for recent months but it has left open market on the mercy of the shopkeepers to do whatever they want.