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Audacious men are rare to find; No respite even at night from work 

17 Augustus 2011 12:34:37 nm

Audacious men are rare to find; No respite even at night from work


Muhammad Altaf requests Chairman CDA for help


Now-a-days assiduous and courageous people are almost nowhere to be found except those who are compelled to work for earning money, without which they have no other resort to turn their eye to for relief to self and near and dear ones.


Muhammad Altaf, 57, sells daily-use items like combs, socks, scissors and wallets etc while living in Karachi Company Islamabad in a room of a rented house that costs him 4000 along with his 5-family members. He has 3 daughters and 1 son, who are also underage. His son studies in class three while his aged father is the sole supporter of the family in this poor age.


“I used to drive someone’s taxi in the federal capital but I have to quit due to my weak eyesight with which earning my daily home expenses was fairly enough. I thought that I should leave driving lest I make a big loss of my life while meeting a severe accident,” Muhammad Altaf says.


“I start selling daily-use items in Karachi Company from 3 O’clock to 11 O’clock and I do another job as a watchman in a cottage from 6 am to 2 pm daily.”


He said that his daily routine is very tough and despite two jobs simultaneously he is not able to run his home business easily while time and again he has to take household items from shops as loan.


“I have sent bundles of applications to the Chairman CDA Inayat Elahi for allotting me any ‘hut’ in the federal capital so that I may earn bread and butter for my family but of no avail. He didn’t even respond to it.” He added while talking INFN.


He has also met Sheikh Rasheed and asked for help in solving his problems who assured the same that never materialized till date.


“I regularly pray 5-times besides earning ‘Rizq-e-Halal’ and I am proud of that. I am poor but at least I am not a beggar,” He boasted. “I again request the CDA chairman and other government officials to allot me a shop, Kiosk or even a Chappar Hotel to make life less miserable for me.