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Blockade of roads by concrete slabs widespread across the capital; 

18 Augustus 2011 11:38:27

Blockade of roads by concrete slabs widespread across the capital;


Residents Irked by Inconvenience especially during Ramadan


There was a time that Islamabad, the federal capital was considered the best place for living and there was peace of mind and satisfaction. However it has lost all its charm and essence today owing to the barricades and obstructions that have become a trademark and identity of the capital.


Now-a-days almost in every sector of this city, the police have put in place concrete blocks closing the thoroughfares of the area especially for the motorists’ passage.


Muhammad Suleman a resident of I-8 said, “This sector like other parts of the city is seen full of these barricades causing people to use alternate routes”.


“This is the new way of giving security to the people of the city while mostly it is present in high security zones but now it is present everywhere leading to the obstruction of the way disturbing smooth flow of traffic.


The police have failed to give security to the people of the capital while on the other hand has started using old system of putting blocks in front of all the entrance and exit points of every sector where VIPs live.


People in the other parts of the world are using sophisticated system of protecting and saving the lives of the masses but still we are rendering upon the centuries-old system of protecting people by just putting blockage in the streets to create panic for the people.