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Roots School organizes RNITTE MMW 2011 Certification Ceremony 

05 Julie 2011 10:26:12 nm

Roots School organizes RNITTE MMW 2011 Certification Ceremony


Among a series of endless achievements, one landmark achievement of the Roots School System (RSS) is the ‘Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education (RNITTE)’ which is Pakistan’s leading teacher training and professional development training Institute. The institute was founded in 1998 by the blazing and passionate education reformist, leading academic and professional teacher trainer Mr. Faisal Mushtaq. RNITTE was formed with the strategic aim of imparting teacher training to bridge the gap and develop a pool of professionally certified teachers who would become value-adding members of the society.

Currently, RNITTE’s ‘Montessori Materials & Methodology Workshop’ 2011 was successfully in progress for the past two weeks benefiting a considerable number of brilliant teachers. It aimed at female empowerment, community engagement, capacity building and entrepreneurship.

Based on Maria Montessori’s Principals the workshop had a modular structure and comprised significant topics such as Absorbent Mind, Sensitive Periods, Child Stages of Development, Deviation & Normality , Sensitive Periods & 5 Core subjects of Montessori i.e. EPL, Sensorial, Math, Language & Culture. The participants gained intensive training in all aspects of Montessori training supplemented by practice of the use of scientific Montessori activities.


This Montessori Materials & Methodology Workshop concluded at a graceful graduation ceremony held at Roots National Institute of Teachers Training & Education (RNITTE), DHA-1, Islamabad on Monday, July 04, 2011 and certificates were awarded to the teachers.


This was the 3rd training batch which included 94 participants from all walks of life including teachers from rural areas, government schools, housewives, young mothers, professional doctors and fashion designers. This was the first time when males also were the part of this workshop. This unique blend of participants infused more connotation and profundity to the initiative.


Ms. Rahat Konain Hassan, Chairperson Competition Commission of Pakistan was the chief guest on the occasion while renowned educationist Mrs. Sameena Shah Pirzada, who is also the Chairperson of the Volunteer Women Organization and Ms. Shabnam Riaz, the National Award-Winner PTV Newscaster, Anchor Person, Desk Editor and Educational Authoress Ms. Shabnam Riaz were the guest of honors.

The honourable Chief Guest said that she has seen Roots School System reaching new heights of excellence, achievement and innovation. Education is the backbone of any Society and RSS is, undoubtedly, serving the great national cause in a marvelous manner by providing an international standard of teachers training and education.

“I am delighted to observe that ‘Roots National Institute of Teachers Training and Education (RNITTE)’ is effectively bridging the gap that exists in teacher training in Pakistan by its outstanding training programs developed by a core faculty of national and international master trainers, training partners and educational specialists who are acclaimed educators, ground-breaking researchers, and award-winning academia .


She appreciated the overall dynamic role of the Roots School System and said that whenever civil society needs any helping hand in any way, Roots School System is always there to contribute energetically.

In his motivational and inspirational speech, Mr. Faisal Mushtaq said “Roots Teacher Training Institute today is beyond education and schooling; it is changing the national education landscape through its award winning curriculum, beyond the classroom teaching and learning initiatives, teacher training programs, qualifications, results, achievements, thus promoting social change and community re-engineering.” He said that the foundations of our perspective at Roots School System are the characteristics we have always stood for celebrating, diversity, creativity, vitality & excellence. He further added that Creativity has made Roots an innovator in so many fields. “We recognize that at the heart of our creative culture is the ability to thrive in a complex and ever-changing educational environment. For this, we have set on sail to create a world class teacher training institute par excellence known as “Roots National Institute of Teachers Training and Education ‘RNITTE’”.

“Teachers are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of educating and training the architects of the future of their Nation. Hence, their profession is of a prophetic reverence and undeniable importance. My Dear Graduates! You need to work with a missionary zeal and zest to enable your pupils to become good and value-adding citizens of our society. Today your job is more challenging than ever before as this age of restlessness; terrorism and uncertainty have deprived our children and youth of their natural blitheness and innocence and confronted them with a host of complexities. As teachers you can set the tone for the society and take out pessimism from the lives of your students. At RNITTE we believe that no other personality has a more profound influence on a child’s persona than that of a teacher. I feel proud to say that with this core philosophy as a fundamental objective, RNITTE has trained over 6000 teachers to date.” He added.

Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education RNITTE is providing professional certifications of International standards in form of Montessori diplomas & Continuing Professional Development programs. At the end of the Ceremony, the chief guest Ms. Rahat Konain Hassan awarded certificates to the 94 graduates of the Montessori Materials & Methodology Workshop, 2011.