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Disability is his Strength: 

05 Julie 2011 10:32:13 nm

Disability is his Strength:

Abbas Prefers to Earn by the Sweat of his Brow than Begging


Abbas Ali, 29, who has lost one of his hands after an accident, is seen busy in selling newspapers in the scorching heat on the road near Blue Area Islamabad for survival of his family that comprises of 3 school-going sons, 1 daughter and an old mother who is suffering from an eye disease. His father had died 25 years ago therefore a huge responsibility fell on his shoulders. He belongs to Kasur and his family is also there but he is currently living alone in a rented house near Double Road Rawalpindi.


While talking to INFN Abbas said, “I am doing this for my family who all wait for me till the end of month when I go to Kasur and give them money as home expenditure which is so less than their needs for which I remain tense throughout the month.”


“I feel shame in spreading the only hand I have in front of others for alms as a beggar,” he explained.


He remains hungry till night for saving some money which he sends to his family at the end of every month. Abbas wants to provide education to his children because he is uneducated himself and knows about the value and need of education in this modern age.


Abbas further said, “I have requested Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab in his ‘Open Court’ in Lahore for my help and have submitted application also but I have not been given any help at all till now. Therefore, I am selling newspapers in this hot day on the edge of roads at signals and earning Rs 300 a day after an extensive physical work. No one is ready to give me job because of my one hand which is not my fault and it has become my fate till the end of my life.”


He concluded saying, “I believe that one day Allah would give me reward for my patience and endurance and I am hopeful to get help from my fellow human being who have been blessed with both hands.”