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Ramazan brings family members together 

28 Augustus 2010 10:30:53

Ramazan brings family members together

Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD, 28 August 2010: Today’s busy life has made it almost impossible for family members to sit together and discuss one another’s problems, share thoughts and above all enjoy the feel of togetherness. The growing economic pressures have dented the family system badly in recent years. Now everyone is striving for survival. In such circumstances, people living under one roof seldom find time for one another. As a result, certain misunderstandings crop up among family members.

However the holy month of Ramazan brings family members together as all of them sit together at ‘sehr’ and ‘iftar’. Moreover, all offices and academic institutions close a bit early in the holy month and all family members are at home well before ‘iftar’. They offer their prayers and recite Holy Qur’aan. Having done that, the female family members gather in the kitchen to prepare special culinary delights for ‘iftar’. They chat with one another, crack jokes and have a hearty laugh during their time in the kitchen.

On the other hand, male members sit together in the living room and discuss matters regarding their businesses and jobs. Several family matters are also discussed. Plans are made, problems are sorted out and much more is done during this session of an hour or so.

This is the beauty of our family system and Ramazan, certainly, adds to this beauty. As the food is cooked, the whole family sits together for ‘iftar’. The head of the family offers ‘dua’ to Allah for more blessings and the rest of the family joins him in these collective prayers. In such a pleasant environment, all family members enjoy ‘iftar’ and thank Allah.

Mariam Malik, a student of Mass Communication, said: “We do normally have family sittings other than Ramazan, but sitting together in the holy month before ‘iftar’ gives you a special feel. I don’t know why this happens, but I enjoy that time the most. Probably enjoying countless blessings from Allah together would be the reason behind it.”

Another student, Javeria Shahid, said: “My mother and elder sister prepare ‘iftar’ in the kitchen. During this time, I sit with my father, have chit chat with him and discuss each and every matter with him. I wait for this time eagerly.”

Islam, being the complete code of conduct for life, emphasises on strong family bonds and respect for relations. Ramazan has a positive impact on family life as it strengthens the relations weakened by economic pressures.