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Demo to condemn Sialkot, Bhawalpur incidents 

27 Augustus 2010 11:23:24

Demo to condemn Sialkot, Bhawalpur incidents

Students of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on Friday staged a protest to condemn the brutal killings of two brothers in Sialkot and the Bhawalpur incident in which police baton charged female students of medical college in Bhawalpur.

The demonstration was well attended by the students from different departments of the university. They were holding placards and were chanting slogans to censure those cruel incidents.

While addressing to the protesters, speakers stressed to arrest the killers of two brothers and responsible policemen for the incident. They also demanded punishment for those cops who were involved in the incident of baton charge on female students, who were holding a peaceful protest against their college administration.

Later, the participants marched towards the main road in front of university in form of a procession, where they stood for a while. After recording their protest, students dispersed peacefully.