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Eid shopping 

28 Augustus 2010 10:31:52

Eid shopping

People wait for discount offers

Sohail Rashid

Eidul Fitr is around the corner and people are rushing towards markets for shopping. However, a number of people find it awfully stressful. Such people keep on postponing it until the ‘Chand Raat’. Due to unprecedented recession and economic problems over last couple of years, Eid shopping has become harder than before, creating financial stress for people.

The salaried class people, who totally depend on their monthly paycheques, look for special discount offers during the last days of Ramazan. Retailers offer discounts in the last days of the holy month which could be up to 40 to 50 per cent.

Mumtaz Hussain, a government employee and a resident of Iqbal Town, said: “It is not affordable for me to take my family for shopping these days because of very high rates. I will take my family for shopping a few days before Eid as shopkeepers will put clothes and shoes on discount then.”

Zuleikha Sultan, a housewife, said: “There is always a heavy rush of buyers in markets in the middle of Ramazan and it is difficult to do shopping in such conditions. Whereas in the last few days, the rush is comparatively low and women can easily shop for their dresses and shoes at relatively less prices.”

Naeem Hameed, a resident of Rawalpindi, said that he would not go for shopping before ‘Chand Raat’ (the last night before Eidul Fitr). He said that he has already visited markets twice but could not found any space for parking his car.

On the other hand, people who opt for shopping at the start or middle of Ramazan have a different logic. According to them, people should complete their shopping as early as possible to avoid the risk of having nothing new to wear on Eid.

Saqib-ul-Islam, a resident of Shamsabad, said: “Shopping is at its peak in the middle of Ramazan. There is hustle and bustle in markets. I think it is an ideal time to go for shopping with your family.”