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Promoters of home-based women workers 

26 Augustus 2011 06:19:56

Promoters of home-based women workers


SABAH is a SAACT organization that provides training, capacity building and marketing opportunities for home-based women workers around south Asia have organized an exhibition in Jinnah supper here on Tuesday in Islamabad. This fair-trade organization works to alleviate poverty and increase awareness through its services which also aims to empower women and further the cause of women’s rights in Pakistan and around south Asia.


SAHAH offers a rang of product lines, from fashion accessories, apparel and unique embroideries to gift items and household goods such as personal organizers, closet organizers, rugs and wall hangings. The standard and quality of the goods is monitored by SABAHY members themselves, who value their work and create the highest quality goods as a result.


Many of the techniques and designs they use are indigenous to their communities and represent artisan skill that is increasingly rare in the region. By ensuring that the artisans get fair prices for their products and appreciation for their skill, SABAH also ensures that these timeless traditions are preserved.