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Not everyone’s Eid, Poor Clog with Their Miseries; 

29 Augustus 2011 01:24:02

Not everyone’s Eid, Poor Clog with Their Miseries;


‘We and Eid are strangers to each other’; Faizaan Bibi


Eid is the festival to be celebrated in every nook and corner of the country but there are people who are not even aware of its true taste and for them it is a bitter reality.


Every child demands various things for Eid festival from parents with stubbornness and obstinate mannerism while they do not compromise in this matter and those who have the capability instantly bring them the demanded things but on the other hand there are those who cannot afford all these luxuries while tantalizing for two meals a day.


Faizan Bibi, 45, having 3 children is living a miserable life and her husband is under treatment in Sargodha hospital due to failure of both kidneys.


She said that she had been married for the last 12 years and had three children Saima Abbas, Malika Abbas and Muhammad Waqas.


“I hardly send my children to school owing to meagre resources while sometimes we don’t even have the meal as well. Today all of my children are sitting idle at home because I don’t have money to pay their fee”.


She said that she resides along with her aged mother in Rahim Abad Rawalpindi in a rented house. “Despite spending money with great care, my home-expenses reach Rs 6 to 7 thousand per month which I hardly earn while working in different houses. Most of the time I have to buy things from the shop as loan and also with the home owner where we live on rent,” She said.


She said that she could not give education to her two daughters and one son who is an asset of her life while her husband cannot work any more because his two kidneys are out of order.


She said that if her children are imparted education so that she may spend life with her children in comfort at least while her husband has not given her ease and comfort.


“My home’s financial condition is very bad and we hardly have a daily meal each day. I am the only bread winner of my family. I am concerned about earning two-time meal and I am unable to succeed in doing so each day, what to talk of spending some extra amount for buying happiness for my children on Eid.