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Role model for the youth 

26 Augustus 2011 06:18:24

Role model for the youth


Courageous old man supplicates his family by selling flowers


There are people in the world who are safe and sound despite that fact that they cannot do work but on the other hand there are people who do not have sound health but still they work.


No body could know the worth of any blessing unless they lose it by some way and then they realize and regret for loss of that thing.


Hajji Bashir, 55, a physically impaired resides near Railway track in sadder in rented house along with her aged mother and one niece. His mother is too aged and she cannot work while he has adopted his niece. He is the only supporter of his family while selling pearl flower on different routs of sadder Rawalpindi.


“A few years back I could easily earn some good amount of money to run the business of my house but now as the time passes by this earning started to decrease because before I was the sole flower seller in sadder and now there are many seller owing to that I cannot earn enough to afford the expense of today”. Hajji Bashir a paralysed person narrated while talking to INFN.


“We are six brothers but I live alone in a separate house along with my mother while I only support my aged brother despite my illness of impairment. I go out for work in the morning and come back at night until 9 o’clock. I hardly earn 100 per day but unfortunately not every day but after one day or something two days”. He added.


He said,” I have tried to approach different authorities but I was disappointed because it went futile and nobody helps me out in this connection. What is Baitul Mall for if they are not giving help to the needy people?”

“You cannot imagine that how I would be leading my life with such a meagre resources. It is very difficult for me who is paralyse but I believe in God. I also believe in self-help which is great thing at least for a person like me”. He explained further.

“My niece is living with me because I adopted her. When she was very small, she came to me. She liked me from that time and now she has dedicated herself for only serving me and my mother even today”. He added.


He said that earning in these days is very difficult but I only trust Allah who is the Sustainer of the world. If any altruist wants to help, he/she can contact at infnservice@gmail.com.