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Parental check, freedom both vital for success of students: Expert 

11 November 2011 12:23:21

Parental check, freedom both vital for success of students: Expert


Survival rate of liver transplant is 91%: Dr Bangash


Pakistanis have exhibited talent and potential in various fields of life across the globe and served humanity with their great services and skills. To continue doing so, new generation of Pakistanis needs parental checks and freedom together to grow to be successful, said Dr Tariq Bangash, Pakistan’s leading liver transplant surgeon.


“Our youth and students lack opportunity despite having incredible qualities and abilities. If they are given guidelines and opportunities they can make Pakistan a prosperous and incredible country. We need to harness their potential and natural ability. We have to create opportunities for them to polish and shine their hidden qualities in educational sector without which success is inevitable”, he suggested.


Dr. Bangash belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and did his MBBS in 1996. He then worked with many experts of liver transplant in Leeds in UK. He serves at the Sheikh Zaid hospital in Lahore and is the first Pakistan doctor who had directed successful liver transplant along with a team of other doctors in this hospital.


The organ transplantation is very technical and hard job but it is rewarding at the same time. Patient is going to die when he is taken to Operation Theater. But he becomes alright after operation which I say that it’s like magic healing. The survival rate of liver transplantation is 91%,” he proudly added.


He feels his father’s guidance and support has been instrumental in his career building as liver transplant surgeon. “Choice of study is to be given to students; their caliber, aptitude and tendency should be kept in mind while selecting any field for them by their elders that what they want to be doing in future. It is very rare that student get success in their parent’s chosen field of interest,” he told INFN.


The students in the developed world have a lot of choices that is why they perform and further build their country.  Psychologist and psychiatrists are available for students to do their counseling in solving their problems. They consult and direct the students on a proper path,” said Doctor Tariq Bangash.


“No doubt, our students are hard working but lacking proper training and no practical work has ever been assigned to them. In the advanced world, there is concept based work and no cramming and just devouring of books. When I did MBBS then I thought that this is the end of my studies. But when I went abroad for further studies then my eyes got wide open with the unending studies.


He called for investing in education, training and career counseling of students and youth to open up opportunities for them. In return they can play wonders for the development of the country.