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Dengue needs to be killed where it breeds 

09 November 2011 07:48:16

Dengue needs to be killed where it breeds


Despite of the dengue fear all around the town there are no actions taken by the concerned authority or the CDA. The water is floating on the dug up areas in F-9 Park.


Ashbel Kesi, a foreigner visitor there said that, “I am here in Pakistan along with my family. We usually come to F-9 Park in evening for open air. But the water here creates a harmony of fear in us as dengue is all around. Clean water is the sweet home of those mosquitoes but still there are no action taken against it. People would end up coming here soon.”


The Federal Health Department spokesman said that dengue was a mosquito which grew on water; therefore, people should not let water accumulate in their houses.


More than 60 percent parks, open plots, green belts, uncovered spaces and dug-up roads, which are nestling stagnant water; breading sites of dengue mosquitoes, still await fumigation by anti-dengue pesticides, which is a wake up call for the government to protect 9 million population which is already under severe attack of dengue virus over the last couple of months. All these open spots are safe heaven for dengue mosquitoes causing its growth. Meanwhile, the situation has worsened as all these places have brimmed over with water after the rain lashed out the city on 3rd November.


Dr. Waseem Khuwaja said that, “Despite the fact dengue breeds on clean water, golf courses, parks and others open locations are moisturized with clean water in bulk. Artificial lakes in recreational sites and golf clubs are not drained out. Ultimately the still water at such spots transformed into dengue breeding factories. All the authorities concerned just focused on streets and households units and ignored open sites. Later they moved towards them but it was too late to react.”


CDA is supposed to look after such issues as it’s their responsibility to keep the capital clean. Millions of people have gave up their lives due to this disease, if action are not taken then this process of dying will continue.