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Life back to normal but with continuing festive mood 

11 November 2011 12:26:38

Life back to normal but with continuing festive mood


The life is back to normal in the twin cities as majority of people have returned homes after spending Eid holidays in their native places across the country. But festive mood still prevails due to extended holiday opportunities


The continuing festive mood among children pushed parents through the throng at picnic spots. All parks and the Islamabad Zoo attracted a lot of families even on Thursday. The people extended their holidays till Friday to annex the forthcoming weekly offs of Saturday and Sunday for an extended holiday period. The attendance has been thin in government and private offices in the federal capital.


“Our kids are happy on being out for fun after coming back from native places to their most favorite place,” said Shahina Mumtaz, a mother accompanying her children.


The shopping centers also witnessed intense rush of customers, as they were out to buy winter clothes with change of weather.


“Spending Eid holidays in native town had innumerable pleasures but the happiness of coming back to our own place is not different from that pleasure. I mostly like to enjoy the ease giving air of the federal capital’s parks. I am very fond of parks and I most often enjoy playing with my sisters over here,” Zeryan Ahmad, a class six student, told INFN.


“My younger son insisted to go out somewhere so I took all my kids out in the children park. I am happy on hearing beautiful voices and screams of the kids while playing,” said Kalsoom Zahra.

Saeed Kashif a university student said he enjoyed a lot in his hometown but one thing he missed was the company of his buddies. “Now I am back again to normal lifestyle. It gives an intense pleasure to hang out with friends after holidays of Eid,” he added