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Deserted Roads, Haunted Streets, Maddened Residents: 

22 Junie 2011 10:21:53 nm

Deserted Roads, Haunted Streets, Maddened Residents:

Intense Heat Wave Lingers with no Sign of Retreat

“Light and scattered shower accompanied with dust storm is expected in Islamabad and Rawalpindi during the coming nights,” Meteorologist Kamil Shehzad Cheema said, hoping against hope that the weather conditions may improve in the coming few days.


The blistering hot weather conditions have kept people indoors while ceasing the business of every single person. Most streets, roads and shopping centers have shown deserted look during this hot summer.


Mostly poor and young children who are involved in child labour activities are seen sleeping under the shadows of trees in this scorching heat which has engulfed the twin-cities like other parts of the country.


This condition of harsh weather is intolerable which is causing people to be dehydrated. Talking to INFN, doctor Wasim Shah said, “Cold drinks which are mostly uncovered with flies moving around them are quite fatal for human beings and the intake of water should be increased in such hot weather conditions. However, fizzy drinks which have soda and sugar filled juices in them should be avoided as much as possible.”


It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan seems to bear the brunt of global warming consequences and increase in the average temperature of the Earth. It is, however, very unfortunate that developing countries like Pakistan that are the least polluters and contributors to the emission of green house gases are forced to face the natural calamities arising from it in the form of floods and extremely hot weather conditions that may prove fatal for many. – INFN (with pictures)