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Gola and Falooda brought smiles on the faces of children’s 

11 Julie 2011 09:53:37

Gola and Falooda brought smiles on the faces of children’s


Shabir Ahmad of 40 is seen busy in selling Gola and Faloda among the children in the scorching heat of July on Gawalmandi road in Rawalpindi. Children also want to beat the heat of summer through this summer gift in the form of Gola and Faloda which is made by ice and soft sweet drink, he has been working for last 18 years in this profession and his business surrounds around the children, Shabir had two sons and 2 daughters who all go to school. He lives on a rented house about 5000 rupees at cha sultan Rawalpindi. He earns 600 to 700 rupees in throughout the day after a long hard work in these hot days. Shabir is ready to give some relief to the children through this local item in this hot summer.


‘Children take more interest to buy Gola and Faloda rather than the toys”, he told. While talking to INFN Shabir said, “I make this item by my own self at home with the help of my wife; We wake up in the morning to prepare this item for children which attracts the children even elders as well in this heat of July. I sell Gola for 5 to 10 and Faloda for 10 to 20 rupees which is quite affordable for everyone in this tough time.


I feel very glad and happy when someone appreciates me on this local item which is also the favorite item of the children rather than the toys, cold drinks and candies,” Shabir said.


A 12-year old kid named Qasim and 10-year Ikram told INFN, “I like Gola so much in this weather and we were waiting for it from the morning at our home, Gola and Faloda have its own taste which differs from all other items of the summer which considers helpful for beating the heat of summer.”


When INFN contacted with Doctor Wasim Khawaja, specialist eye, nose and throat (PIMS), he said, “Gola and Faloda are injurious for children which becomes the reason of flue, throat, stomach diseases and hepatitis A and B because of using dirty water and ice which they use in these items for taste.


Every weather has its own worth and joy for the people through different items and taste, so Gola and Faloda also have their own worth in the children in summer which compels the children even the men and women also to buy and taste it in this scorching heat without thinking about their side effects.