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Is there any limit to human lust? 

11 Julie 2011 10:25:00

Is there any limit to human lust?

Even graveyards are not safe now


Graveyards are considered one the most venerable places throughout the world where dead bodies are laid to live peacefully as well as free from the troubles of the world. However, even the graveyards are not secure as living humans who have forgotten the sanctity of these places and in their lust of acquiring property have started occupying the graves and have made huts and homes upon them as the district Government has paid no attention to this serious matter which is becoming a dangerous trend in our society.


Graveyard of shrine Shah Bhukhari at Gawalmandi Rawalpindi is one of such graveyards where many people have occupied on them and made huts and homes on grave yard areas without any permission because there is no law for making houses and huts on the graveyards so they do not respect died bodies as well. They have no concern about the residents of the area whose relatives have been laid down to rest here.


When INFN contacted the residents of Shah Bhukhari, they told, “Shayroo and Ameer Khan who occupied on the graveyard and busy in selling drugs in those houses and huts. We have complained the local authorities time and again about this illegal construction on the graveyard where our near and dear ones buried as we are afraid they are going to eliminate their graves gradually and are involved in illegal business of drugs and are spreading poison in the society in the form of social evils in their huts and houses located on the graveyards.”


“Our children and women cannot go for prayer (Fatiya Khawani) on our relatives’ graves because of fear and unhealthy atmosphere. They are going to eliminate the graveyard of Shah Bhukhari for their own benefit,” Shah Bhukhari residents complained.


District Government should have taken some step against this social evil which is spreading day by day and is becoming a trend in our society for the sake of promoting lust of property. Police is also silent on this drug business which is going on day and night in our society. Graveyard is the peaceful house for those who have departed from this world but this cruel world becomes so lusty at times that they are not allowed to sleep peacefully in the life hereafter.