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Deaf, Dumb Shahid -- an Exemplary Being: 

09 Julie 2011 03:10:36

Deaf, Dumb Shahid -- an Exemplary Being:


Hearing and speaking impaired believes in working hard

Being able to hear sounds is very important for human beings to satisfy aesthetic sense and is very peasant but is also necessary to share our feelings, emotions and desires to others is an effective way. It enables us to communicate with each other successfully and makes us feel as part of a community. Being able to hear well allows us to receive information, both from other people and from our surroundings. Sounds can be pleasing; the sound of nature or music.

However, we cannot assess the importance of these capabilities unless we loss it ourselves. Think of those who are physically unable to hear and speak a single world.


Shahid Naseem, 26, who is deficient in the sense of hearing and speaking, has been repairing bicycles in Mir Colony Rawalpindi and earns Rs 200 to 300 in three days, is a living example of sincerity of living for some purpose. He has been fixing bicycles for the last 10 years and used to be very happy with his work a few years back but now his work is near to closing down due to sky-rocketing prices of repairing materials day by day.


He used special signs and gestures while talking besides writing to convey his words and was supported by a relative of his who translated his gestures for this agency, “I am mending bicycles in a rented shop which is 1000 per month. A few years back it was going well but now it is going down due to increase in the prices of spare parts of cycles”.


He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters while his father is a painter who is also jobless and is the eldest of all. They are basically from Kashmir but long ago they have shifted to Rawalpindi.


He said while talking to INFN, “My engagement has also been broken due to my deafness and they say that you are physically ill but I am alright except being deprived from the sense of hearing and speaking and that too is beyond my control or choice.”


He said he is working in rented shop, if he is provided any shop somewhere in Rawalpindi where he could work easily that would be a great help.