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Fatherhood Personified: 

01 Julie 2011 07:41:13

Fatherhood Personified:

Ready to do anything for the sake of his children


Poverty forces a father to go to any limit when life becomes cruel. Muhammad Younas 50, sells balloons at zoo of Islamabad for survival of his family, he has 4 children, a son and three unmarried daughters. Muhammad Younas has been living at Pakistan Air Force (PAF) colony because he has also been doing job in PAF as peon for the last 24 years.


He hangs balloon on his shoulder for selling which attracts the children. “I come here 4 pm after my job which starts from 8 am and ends at 3 pm in PAF. I have to do this work as my earning is so less that expenditures are hard to be met,” Younas told INFN. “I am the only bread earner of my whole family which has 11 members, so I come here on the gate of Zoo for selling balloons,” Muhammad Younas said while talking to INFN.



“Children are my customers and this work is not a matter of shame for me and is rather a great honour; children are the purest creature of the world so I have a great attachment with their smiles which brings me here for selling balloons to them.” He buys balloons from market and sells them on the entrance of Zoo which compels the children to buy them, Younas has different coloured balloons which resembled fish, which a is a unique toy for children in the form of balloons, I sold my balloons to children nearly Rs 200 to 300 in a day after the investment of 150 rupees, saving Rs 100.  How could I run my house?” he said as he wiped up tears from his hopeless and old face.


He further said, “I have a widow sister who has 5 children who live at my house with me that has actually compelled to do this work as professional in front of the zoo.” I have 3 unmarried daughters about whom I am so worried because I have no money for their marriages.”


“How will I be arranging marriage my daughters in this old age?” I have shifted from Abbottabad with this hope that I would be changing my worthless life into joyful life, but not seeing anything, no one for relief in my despondent condition as poor father of the world.”


Muhammad Younas has no shelter upon him and selling balloons in open air to children and often takes shade under the trees when rain falls and tries to keep him safe and sound with his balloons as well as a huge responsibility of two families is on his weak shoulders.