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Disabled ‘in the line of duty’: 

02 Julie 2011 02:30:26

Disabled ‘in the line of duty’:


Jahana dragging miserably in journey of life


Jahana an old man of 65, who has been on wheel-chair for the last 35 years due to train accident losing both his legs when a train passed over his legs as he was going to his job in Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF). He has 7 unmarried children, 4 sons and 3 daughters who are all studying; he waits for relief at his home located at Mohallah Gays Mare Behri Post Office Gholra Sharif Rawalpindi.


While talking to INFN Jahana said, “I was working in POF 35 years ago in Wah Cantt but after the legs were cut I could not continue my job so now no one is out there for my relief and no one is ready to pay heed to my troubles in this old age.”


“Government did not help me at all after this tragedy that fell on me incident. I got disabled ‘in the line of duty’ and became useless till death.”


Jahana further said, “My 4 sons and 3 daughters who are all school-going children and are helpless. Death is better than this useless and dependent life, I feel so sad when I see my chopped legs because I cannot walk and cannot do any job like others and it is a huge sorrow for me till the last breathe of my life.”


Lt. General Javaid gave me this wheel chair 8 years back for which I am so thankful to him, but now I need help for my innocent children who wait for some relief, so Zakaat (alms) Committee should come forward to help me in this tough time because I deserve it,” he pleaded as tears fell down his eyes.


“I have become useless due to my bad luck but after all I am a living person and part of this society. Why people ignore me knowing that I deserve their love, respect and help,” Jahana asked as his voice grew heavier and he started weeping bitterly like a child.