Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Celebrating Year long Social Change: INFN excellence completed 

29 Junie 2011 09:20:31 nm

Celebrating Year long Social Change: INFN excellence completed

Emerging news agency, Infochange News and Features Network has successfully completed its one year and a ceremony was organized to cheer the success in the office of the news agency.


Infochange News and Features Network started services on June 28, 2010 by sending it’s first ever file and first feature “Summer vacations, filed by the agency was published  by one of the leading English daily. Since then, the number of published stories, filed by the INFN exceeded the figure of 1500, while the INFN has also filed more than 2000 news photographs, which have been published in all leading English dailies and got the front display as well.


On the occasion of cake-cutting ceremony, Editor in-chief, Shafqat Munir said, “I am happy that we have started this initiative a year ago to amplify the voices of poor people. It is a success in a short span of time that we have set a new trend for media to profile people’s perspective and their stories, while setting the media agenda.”


Mr. Munir appreciated the dedicative hard work of his team to acquire the position on which today INFN stands. He reiterated his commitment to address the issues, which are real threats for today’s world like poverty, climate change, human rights, food security and accountability of governments through the platform of INFN to re-define the traditional journalism, which is continuously ignoring these real issues.


Photo-editor Fahad Naseer also spoke on the occasion and congratulated the Editor-in-Chief and other team mates on completing one year successfully. He said, “This is not the destination, we will have to cover a long journey but we will have to keep the spirit same.”


During the journey of success, the INFN has been awarded twice by the government of Pakistan and International Labour Organization for its good reporting. Two stories, “its matter of courage” highlighting the problems of women of under-privileged class, working hard to earn livelihood for their families through fair means and “circus at the cost of education” on the issues of forced child labour of few children indulged in circus, were critically acclaimed, not on the national level but also on international level as well.


The whole team reiterated the commitment to the cause to use the tool of journalism to profile the issues of laymen and global concerns, which would be the issues of tomorrow’s world.