Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   


27 Junie 2011 05:21:17


Mirza Shakil Aslam Baig’s Painting Exhibition Commences Today

Painting exhibition titled ‘Aina-e-Naqash’ by famous artist Mirza Shakil Aslam Baig is going to held from today (Monday) and will continue till 4th July, 2011 at Kalyam Sharif (Shrine) where 7 masterpiece paintings would be displayed for the spectators near the shrine. These are not just paintings but also carry a deep meaningful message and a touch of Sufism.


Shakil’s exhibition is meant for promoting the art, Sufism and the other artists’ work. It is a sign of his sympathy and eagerness to highlight the perceptions and creativity of eminent artists of his country. Shakil has been striving hard to bring the Gallery at par with standards and quality maintained by art galleries of the western countries, which he has managed rather successfully.


While talking to INFN, Mirza Shakil said, “I am motivated from my conventional art and Sufism in the form of paintings besides rural areas which is a precious treasure for us and our coming generation as well, but the young generation is going to forget our forefathers’ art, Sufism, and norms of our ancestors and their curiosity.”`


“I have done my entire work in 6 years on this art which contains 7 paintings about shrine”


“‘Aina-e- Naqash’ paintings clearly demonstrate strong connection with Sufism, cultural traditions and by-gone civilization,” he disclosed.”


He further said, “I am dedicating my paintings to the people of Kalyam Sharif who know the value of priceless gems of Sufism and the majesty of shrine. I have a great attachment with shrines therefore I have come in this field and joined it as career as well.”