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VIP Movement on the Sunday Eve: 

26 Junie 2011 10:31:56 nm

VIP Movement on the Sunday Eve:


People of Bhara Kaho protest over manhandling, Insult


The evening of Sunday was very irritating for the residents of Bhara Kaho who were unlucky to be on the Murree Road waiting for the transport to move to their destination. The Bhara Kaho police was allegedly involved in physically and mentally torturing the people hours before the VIP (statedly Prime Minister’s) Squad reached Bhara Kaho.


According to the details a reporter of INFN was among the commuters waiting for the VIP squad to pass by when a police officer named Azmat who is stated to be a Spoy in Bhara Kaho Police Station started beating a taxi driver named Muhammad Bilal who parked a car at the edge of road opposite Colonel Aman Ullah Road (Bazar Stop). The said police officer dragged the taxi driver by holding him from the hair and gave his head severe jerks. The taxi driver got baffled and tried to come out of the driving seat but Spoy Azmat kicked the door of the taxi close and started abusing the poor man.


The aggrieved driver told INFN about the incident, “I was not aware of the VIP movement and wanted to park my car in front of the plaza as I had cash with me. I was utterly surprised when the Police officer of the Bhara Kaho Police station rushed towards me and caught me by the hair and jerked my head with full force. I tried to come out of my car but he kicked close the door of my taxi which hit me on my legs and my legs are still hurting. Then the said police officer abused me calling me names.”


He further added weeping, “When I complained his Senior ASI Hamid who was on duty too, he asked me to get lost. I feel insulted in public and wronged, I am so desperate that I am at the verge of becoming a Bomber myself if I am not given justice and the said police officer is not brought to book.”


When INFN wanted clarification from the Spoy Azmat (his reported name) as he was neither bearing the identity badge carrying his name nor he had the holder for his official weapon and had his pistol hanging by the side of his trousers inside a shopping bag, he refused to tell his real name and designation and left on his bicycle accompanied with the ASI Hamid of Bhara Kaho Police Station. The people staged a demonstration on the spot and demanded the SHO Bhara Kaho Police Station and the IG Police to take notice of the incident of the manhandling of the Police.


It seems that the cold blooded and illegal killing of Sarfraz Shah at the hands of Rangers personnel in Karachi has made the Federal Police more daring and as confident as to take the law in their own hands. The murderers of Sarfraz Shah, if brought to justice will send a very clear message to the security personnel across the country that unlawful manhandling will not be tolerated otherwise many such unfortunate incidents are sure to happen as police has grown excessively harsh.