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Males become increasingly conscious about their looks; 

29 Augustus 2011 01:20:14

Males become increasingly conscious about their looks;

People get crazy visiting parlour shop ahead of Eid

Beautifying oneself was considered the task of women once but today it has also turned towards the male community as well, who, on various occasions like Eid and marriages beautify their complexion to look gorgeous while the parlour and barber shops are seen overcrowded with males.


People have to sit in queues for getting prepared and ready for the Eid festivities. “With grace of Allah we have lot of rush and don’t get time to scratch our heads because hundreds of people come to us to get themselves look presentable. Mostly young people come for facials, hair cutting, dying hairs differently and making spikes etc,” said a barber, Naeem Mumtaz while talking to INFN.


Despite lots of the hair dressing shops present in the twin-cities people are forced to opt for the open-air ‘outdoor barber’s shops’. They do not even care about the filthiness of their tools and their old way of cutting hair with rusting cutting tools. This is because of the low charges they have to pay.


“We charge fair and reasonable amount because we don’t have shop’s charges and that’s why most people come to us. The young people are very choosy about their get-up so they go to those shops where they see luxurious and beautifully decorated stuff and accessories but actually they have that for attracting more people,” told a road-side barber Muhammad Naeem.


Not only have the male barber and parlour shops been receiving lots of customers but the lady parlour shops have been reported to be crowded especially with young girls who are very conscious of their get-up, make-up, beautification and a lot more ahead of Eid.