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Overflowing Sewerage Causing Nuisance; 

18 Augustus 2011 11:02:20

Overflowing Sewerage Causing Nuisance;


Pandora Chongi gives the impression of a running stream


The drainage system in the area of Pandora Chongi on I.J. Principal Road is full of contaminated water widespread all over the road in front of shops as well as makeshift cart-shops while this is also pestering the motorists and pedestrian alike.


The overflowing contaminated water from drainage has been on-going since the recent spell of monsoon torrential rains causing lot of problems owing to the chocking of the sewerage lines.


“Whenever there is a rain, the sewerage lines chock and it starts overflowing on the main road wrecking havoc to the already congested route making life miserable for the motorists and pedestrians.” Abdul Wahab says while talking to INFN.


“No one bothers to fix the lines or clear the Nullah even after weeks but the dirty water is strewn everywhere the place near the van stop,” he added.


“The faulty sewerage water-lines from which water come out like a spring and stinks is making the life of the passers-by miserable.” Muhammad Qasim told INFN.


“This dirty water mixes with the garbage present over there on the roadside making a foul odour,” he further added.


This is a very serious issue and needs the attention of the concerned authorities while on the other posing a serious threat to the life of the residents.