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Trend of owning vehicles increases: 

17 Augustus 2011 12:53:53 nm

Trend of owning vehicles increases:


Plight of public transport deteriorates; surge in private conveyance observed


The federal capital is very much congested and is going to be more so in the near future due to increase in trend of keeping private cars by every single person.


Every day more vehicles are being registering due to the easily available facility of different banks of loan and on the other hand public transport is badly damaging with passage of time.


“I have a shop in Abpara Market where I sell children’s playing items while in the morning I go to school but after school I come here to earn money in order to meet my expenses of school but in the night at 8:00 when I get back home I don’t find any conveyance or public transport so I have to wait long for that.” Muhammad Kaleem a student of 10th class from KPK who lonely supports himself while living in private hostel in Rawalpindi told INFN.


“Before Ramazan it was somehow better but within the month of Ramazan vehicles of public transport are out of roads so causing trouble for people like us who work as well as study.” He added.


More than 400,000 vehicles move on the roads of the capital everyday and this number has increased sharply manifolds in a few years due to easier auto loans issued by different banks, allowing an increasing number of middle class families to afford cars.


Although the number of cars is increasing, roads and other traffic facilities remain the same. With the result that traffic congestion is increasing, creating problems for motorists, commuters as well as pedestrians. The increasing traffic also adds to air and noise pollution.


“The pubic transport is being deteriorated with the passage of time and with the every passing day the roads of the federal capital are being over-crowded.”

The government is requested to come up with a solution of the problem as people are already distressed with load-shedding, price-hike, unavailability of CNG and fear of terrorism to give relief to the bereaved people of the twin cities.