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Congested road gets deteriorated by encroachers  

11 Augustus 2011 07:25:36

Congested road gets deteriorated by encroachers

Accidents, scuffles and trifling become a routine matter along Saidpur Road

Saidpur Road which is passing through the congested market, starting from Pindora Chungi and ending in Sadiqabad Chowk and holy family hospital has been deprived of the law enforcers for quiet long time while the encroachers and the crowd of vehicles are wrecking havoc to the already worsened road and stinking garbage also adds to the miseries.

The Chingchi Rickshaws, different loading vehicles like Suzukis and taxis are seen parked on the sides of road. On the other hand different dust bins also lye on the road as well, giving pungent odours. From these dustbins, scavengers are all the time busy in collecting recyclable items and the stinking garbage is strewn even on the road as it is thrown by the people near dust bins causing problems for the people to drive smoothly.

Wasim Raza a customer while shopping there said, “People who come for shopping to this bazaar leave their cars, motorcycles or Suzukis on the road which are making the mess out of this road, causing problems for the people to pass through easily because the first thing is that this road is single-one and from two sides vehicles have to come and go.”

“It is very rare that people would cross this road without having to involve in scuffles, minor fights, abusing or pointing figures in angry way and meeting with even accidents as well. The Hiace (Toyota drivers) and the Rickshaws drivers drive with irresponsibly and with carelessness which are leading to many accidents. A day before yesterday the Toyota driver bumped into three Rickshaws causing injuries to many passengers and drivers.”


Munir Qasim, a shopkeeper explained while talking to this agency, “In the rush hours nobody could think of using this route and there is so much traffic on this road. The Hiace (van) stops are numerous in this bazaar who keep picking and dropping the passengers on the main road without keeping in mind the blockage of overall traffic while the traffic on this road is already slow paced.”


No one is seen to be following the traffic rules while plying on this rout where disorder prevails and even the traffic police is not seen there that could bring the road in order which is very necessary for the smooth flowing of daily life as well as the motorists lives.


While the people have requested the concerned authorities to make the flow of traffic on this route smooth as well as the removal of garbage should also be ensured.