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Normal youngsters turning themselves into ‘eunuchs’: 

10 Augustus 2011 05:15:44

Normal youngsters turning themselves into ‘eunuchs’:

Unemployment forces boys to become ‘she-males’ and beg

It is indeed appalling to hear about the heinous trend of our youth towards begging in the Rawalpindi by disguising themselves to be eunuchs only for the sake of getting a few pennies.


Young boys aged 22 to 25 are seen on the Sixth Road, near Dubai Plaza signal, Faizabad and some others places who have disguised themselves as eunuchs while actually they are males begging money from the motorists, vehicles’ drivers and the passengers.


They present themselves as they are she-males while they have neither other alternatives nor any kind of work except dancing.


Shahid Saleem a motorist said while complaining, “When the signal gets red they (disguised eunuchs) instantly come out of nowhere and start asking for money from the passengers, motorists on the road by banging their side screens while pestering and compelling people to give them some amount of money without which they do not leave a person.”


They cause the traffic jam while standing in the middle of the road and asking money from the drivers of vehicles plying on the road and create problems for the motorists.


Traffic police seems helpless in relieving the people of these nuisance makers making the life of the people miserable.


Muhammad Imran, a student in the nearby university said, “I have personally seen these disguised eunuchs in the Nawaz Sharif Park. They facilitate in doing make-up of each other and change their cloths there and after that they come out on the road to beg.”


“They have now become professional beggars as they are involved in different kinds of evil practices which are very pathetic.”


While talking to INFN Khusboo (nick name of the disguised eunuch) whose real name was Mustafa Kamal said, “I have done FSc but after that the situation at my home got very bad as my father died and we had no one at home to support us. I tried my level best to get the job but was unable to find one and one of my friends who is also begging as a eunuch, told me to join them.”


“I earn Rs 500 daily quite easily on a normal day with which I can easily support my family but the big problem is that we are ashamed of ourselves. We also have fears in our mind that if some known person or friend sees us then it is very bad for us because we will lose our self-respect,” he (/she­) added.


This evil is really awful as it can defame not only our country but religion as well which does not allow such things to be done. The concerned authorities are expected to take a stern action against them as they are not only doing a bad deed of cheating others but also they are blocking the roads which causes manifold problems for the already congested roads in Rawalpindi.