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Hygiene, purity and cleanliness of water: 

11 Augustus 2011 07:32:01

Hygiene, purity and cleanliness of water:

Non-issues for people of Thar;

They had rain and that is enough a happiness

After erratic monsoon shower Thar has again received a good spell of rain on Thursday making people and the land happy.

A number of areas have witnessed heavy downpour. People of Thar have started storing rainwater for drinking purposes and for their livestock.

They do not care how unsafe, impure and unhygienic the rain water accumulated at different places is. It is enough for them that they have water at hand and they no more need to travel a long distance to fetch water.

They have received sweet water in the form of rain. The children from Thar are quite unaware of contamination of water gathered in deep spots and are busy in filling water in tubes of tyres which also make it contaminated.

Donkeys stand in the mid of water collected in Tarai, a traditional pond of Thar. And the children are happy to fill the same water in their tubes that has been contaminated by these very animals. But these are none-issues for the people of Thar. The real issue for them is water – the greatest blessing of God.