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2nd Jihadi-Terrorist caught in US Army: 

02 Augustus 2011 05:21:28

2nd Jihadi-Terrorist caught in US Army:


Fort Hood Suspect yells name of a Shooter in Court

An AWOL (Absent without Leave) Muslim Soldier accused of plotting to launch an attack on Fort Hood (Army Base) was reportedly defiant during his 1st Court Appearance, yelling out 'Allah o Akbar' and the name of the Army Psychologist, who had gone on rampage killing 13 Soldiers and injuring dozens at the same very Base in 2009.


He was Pakistan Born US Citizen, Nidal Hassan. He had received his Ph. D. on US Army Grant but had refused to go to Afghanistan after finishing his education and being appointed at rank of Major.  

Now this 21 years old Naser Abu is US Born Muslim, who was neither educated enough to qualify for Commission and nor smart enough for an Educational Grant. Just like Maj. Hassan, he joined US Army just to kill American Soldiers so, when his Military Training completed and he was being transferred to Afghanistan, he had refused to go also on Religious Grounds.


US Military was about to discharge him but then, it had delayed because besides Pornography, he was caught with Child Pornography. Before he could go in a Military Court Hearing for this Crime, he had disappeared thus, was declared AWOL He lived in a cheap Motel 3 miles away from Fort Hood and had started buying Automatic Weapons and Bomb Making Materials. 

An Ammunition & Weapon Store Salesmen got suspicious about him, when he asked a question about 'White Powder' (a term for an explosive) and called Police. When FBI raided his Hotel Room it found all the Explosives and Guns that he had bought. He is admitted that he had wanted to kill his fellow Soldiers by bombing a Restaurant frequented by them, if he was not allowed back in Fort Hood.

Muslims have a lot lower ratio in US Armed Forces than their Population in USA. Almost all Muslim US Soldiers are American Blacks. Some Muslims arriving illegally in USA choose to join Army to become legal because it takes only 4 months instead of years by other methods. They normally leave Armed Forces after serving only 2 years. There are hardly any Foreign Born Muslim Soldiers in US Armed Forces. 
There is no history of any Non Muslim US Soldier killing his fellow Soldiers because of his Religion. One Soldier in Iraq had killed a few and one in Afghanistan besides, Nidal Hasan. This Muslim has gotten caught before even he could kill some. A few Pakistani Punjabi Imams of Mosques in US Cantonments have also been arrested for preaching Jihad against USA to Muslim Soldiers despite having a rank of a Captain in US Army also. One of them was arrested for stealing sensitive documents from Guantanomo Prison.