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Compelled to beg on clutches; 

02 Augustus 2011 05:18:10

Compelled to beg on clutches;


Hepatitis-C patient along with broken leg begs while having no money for getting treatment as well as supporting her family


There was a time when Rasolla Bibi used to have sound health while doing her work easily and happily in different cottages to support her family of 9 members. Nobody desires to beg like this in clutches while debasing herself on the roads in all weather conditions and also spreading their hand in front of every single person passing on their way with an intention to get some penny from them.


God forbid everyone from such humiliation which she has in these days. Nobody wants to be using clutches by choice or happiness but it’s what God has destined for us which are inevitable. No one knows the worth of sound health and body unless they lose it and it is also a common observation that people do not value the things which they possess and crave for the things they do not have.


A patient of Hepatitis-C, 48 year old is living a pathetic and miserable life. She has five daughters and 3 sons while she is supporting all of them solely. She is bearing too much burden on her shoulders as she has to earn two course meals after a great effort for her children.

She said, “My leg has broken few years back and I am also a patient of Hepatitis-C. I have got no one to help me treat my illness while I am the sole (backbone) bread winner of my family; without me it is almost impossible for my family to survive.”


“I used to work in different cottages as a maid but I was forced to leave it because of the fatal disease I am suffering from and a broken leg and I also needed some money for my treatment at that time. My husband took about .17 million Rupees loan from a rich person for my treatment which went futile and no progress was seen in treatment of my illness and since then my husband has been working with them (the money lender) up till now.


She lives in Katarian, Rawalpindi in a rented house for which she has to pay 3500 per month which she is paying with great difficulty. She is really in a lurch while having the burden of his family as well as his illness.

She said while talking to INFN, “I am grateful to God Almighty at his willing while I am optimistic to see good days as well. I will not be in the lurch forever but hopeful for better and easy days too.”


“I hardly get 150 rupees a day after whole day long effort of moving on different roads with my broken leg very painfully on the support of my wooden clutches to feed my family while having no alternative except begging”. Those who want to help this brave lady may Contact us at infnservice@gmail.com