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‘Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate’: 

02 Augustus 2011 06:13:28

‘Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate’:


Children go green during a workshop on ‘recycled art’


Minerva takes another initiative by commencing its first workshop on Recycled Art, titled ‘Children Going Green’ here on Monday in F-6 Islamabad.


The workshop was aimed at creating awareness about the increasing concern over the environmental impact of our behavior and how we can adopt a more environment friendly lifestyle.


“The thought of our world getting to a point where fresh air and clean water were things of the past seems outlandish to a lot of us, even today. But now, more than ever before, going green is important. Let’s not wait for us to be left with no option before we decide to take an action,” said Sana Khalid, CEO Minerva.


“Those who reject the idea or ignore it simply because they think it’s a huge task or that it doesn’t concern them are obviously wrong. Choosing to live an environment friendly life is as simple as using paper bags instead of plastic bags. Slight changes to our lifestyle can make a difference and once you adopt a more ‘green’ lifestyle you will realize that your cost of living goes down too. This workshop, I would therefore say, should be considered an investment in the future and in a greener environment.”

The first day commenced with ice-breaking activities including dumb charades and Chinese whispers, followed by a presentation on what going green means and why we should adopt a more environmental friendly lifestyle. Children brought with them an assortment of boxes, bottles, old clothes, broken toys and other items that they will be using during the workshop to create new and innovative art pieces and decoration items. A few of the children present at the workshop had participated in Minerva’s summer camp too and were thrilled to see each other again. All children got along well and shared their ideas of what they think recycling is and how they can help the world be a better place.


“I turn off the tap while I brush my teeth,’ said one student.

While another complained, “People throw away litter on the roads. I don’t like it.”

The workshop, ‘Children Going Green’ is a five-day workshop for children and young individuals. The workshop will focus on reusing and recycling things we normally throw away or have kept with us but never use including old CDs, bottle caps, cans, broken gadgets, empty boxes, buttons, old games and puzzles with missing or broken pieces, old cassettes and whatever you can think of or find at home hidden under your bed or in your store room. In addition to sharing with participants simple principles of conservation, recycling and reuse, the workshop will help children think of ways to construct pieces of art from what we usually consider trash. Participants will then be facilitated with creating their own recycled art which will be showcased at the concluding ceremony of the workshop.

Recycled art is not very popular in Pakistan. It is an interesting and innovative way towards a ‘greener’ future. This workshop will help familiarize our youth with this form of art while at the same time helping us reduce extra costs on interior and our daily lives.