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Miracle: Allah’s name appears on a tree at Gawalmandi 

25 Julie 2011 07:57:43


Allah’s name appears on a tree at Gawalmandi


Although, the creator of this world, Allah, has hidden Himself in innumerable layers and one can only see Him in the form His manifestations that are a proof of His presence like the multi-colored flowers, fruits with distinct tastes, the changing of day into night and the vice versa; however, Allah shows his presence through different miracles.


One such miracle unfolded on the people of Gawalmandi area in Rawalpindi where the name of the sole creator of this universe appeared on the stem of a tree on Thursday, July 15, 2011 which surprised everyone. The creator of this universe has 99 names but the name ‘Allah’ is especially significant being His personal name, while the others 98 names are representative of His qualities.


The name has appeared in Arabic language and people of the neighboring localities are flocking in to see this rare miracle and the sign of His presence.


Street Karam Elahi of Gawalmandi Rawalpindi presents the look of a festival as large number of people including women, men and children from Saddar, Moman Pura, Dhok Ratta etc are coming to see the tree.  The tree was planted 6 years ago by Muhammad Siddique and he has been looking after this tree like his own son along with Abdul Sami since then.


When INFN talked to Nadia Hussain, 24, a resident of the street Karam Elahi and asked her about her feelings, she said, “It is our good luck that we got this miracle in our street.”

Hameeda Zia, 70, another resident of the street said, “I have never seen such miracle in my whole life.”


Saima Bibi, 26, said, “We see this tree in the morning daily as it is situated in front of our home and it refreshes our faith in God.”

Fida Muhammad, 45, said, “We are so happy on this name of Allah appearing on the tree in our street and it is a huge gift for us.”


There are so many trees in the world on which Allah and Muhammad names appear and the tree in Gawalmandi is one of them. The name Allah is also special in its significance as it is also the proof of ‘Oneness of God’.


The residents of street Karam Elahi have appealed the government to make arrangements for the protection of this miracle-tree and have asked for appreciation certificates for those people who have been looking after this tree for the last 6 years and have now constructed a frame around its stem so that the name remains un-tampered.