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Disability is not our fault but fate; 

23 Julie 2011 07:19:51

Disability is not our fault but fate;
National Authority of Disabled demanded

Pakistan Disabled Foundation held a press conference at Islamabad Hotel on Saturday about the hurdles, needs, and status of disabled persons in our society. The press conference was addressed by Shahid Memon, Head of Pakistan Disabled Foundation and Shakila Yasmeen Vice Chairperson of Pakistan disabled foundation, Khalid Bhatti, Chairperson of Islamabad disabled foundation were also present on the occasion.


Shahid Memon said, “Disabled persons have been facing so many difficulties in their lives so Government should make ‘National Authority of Disabled’ for solving their issues and should make a committee containing on parliamentarians who should check the Bait-ul- Mal activities for disabled persons.”


While talking to INFN, Shakila Yasmeen Vice Chairperson of Pakistan Disabled Foundation said, “We are facing the problem of National Identity Card (NADRA) because there is a sign of wheel chair on national identity card for every disabled person which should have only for those who involve in leg diseases but that wheel chair sigh is mentioned on blind identity card as well which creates so many problems for all disabled persons who suffer from different cases of disability.”


Shahid Memon further said, “We are facing the hurdles at Pakistan Railway, PIA, public transport and other public places where no proper schedule, system and method for disabled persons is followed and observed.”


Chairperson of Islamabad disabled foundation, Khalid Bhatti said on occasion, “Government should pay heed to our concerns which we are facing in our lives so that we can also play our role for the betterment of Pakistan.”


When INFN talked to Shahid Memon, head of PDF, he said, “Our organization wants to highlight the difficulties of disabled persons, therefore, we especially request the Federal Secretary Capital Administration Development, Junaid Iqbal Chauhdry for these crucial issues and appeal him for raising these issues as well in front of high officials.