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Polio cases in Pakistan: 

23 Julie 2011 07:36:08

Polio cases in Pakistan:

Increase from 14% to 21% in less than a year

The Polio cases in Pakistan are increasing with an alarming rate during the year 2011. So far 60 cases have been registered during this year against the 174 cases reported in 2010 but these 60 cases are in almost 7 months of this year while there is still 5 months and more cases can be feared as well, a recently published ‘Global Polio Eradication Initiative’ - Pakistan Polio Journal, a weekly, in its 96th Edition has disclosed.


14% of all the cases registered worldwide in 2010 were from Pakistan while in 2011 this rate reaches 21% of the cases registered the world over which is really alarming. This report suggests that no check and control is seen in the eradication of polio across the country resulting in this surge of reported Polio cases, the journal claims.


India is a populous country as compared to Pakistan and it is difficult for the populous and congested countries to control the epidemic but despite that India has incredibly registered just one case in 2011 while on the other hand we are going to the destruction very fast. If we combine the polio cases registered in India (1 case), Nigeria (20 cases) and Afghanistan (11 cases) even then we are ahead of them. The overall cases (32 cases) in these three countries are less than the Pakistani polio cases alone which is 60, the Journal compares.