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Aim should be high, soaring up in the sky 

11 Julie 2011 10:19:21

Aim should be high, soaring up in the sky:


Short-statured Amjad wishes to work in dramas or a hotel:


It is the will of God Almighty that how he creates people whether tall, short or disabled in one way or the other but there is surely some special purpose, secret lying behind His work. There is no such thing in this world which is useless because useless word is created by us. God himself says that “I created everything for a special purpose and nothing on the face of earth is useless.”


Amjad Iqbal, 18, an extra special guy with short height is craving for his passion in life. He has studied up to 6th class. He has a passion of watching dramas and he says that he wants to become drama producer if he is given a chance by some well-wisher of special people or the government.


He has 3 brothers and 1 sister while he is the eldest of all. He has studied up till 6th standard and after that he was teased to quit his education. He says students who were studying along with him in the school were making fun of him and used to tease him and laugh on his short height due to which at last he has to leave the school due to this untoward situation.


He says, “I left my education for two reasons first my home situation was very pathetic financially and second due to the taunting and pestering of students on my short stature.”

He says he is a big fan of cricket and he plays it with their neighbors in the playground enthusiastically and he also knows the use computer as well.


While talking to this agency he says, “I regularly play cricket with my friends, I can only do bating and fielding but I am very good at fielding, I can run very fast and my friends like my fielding very much and they also appreciate my talents as well. I watch dramas passionately and I want to become a dramatist because I like it very much and I hope that some day I would be given opportunity by someone to play some role in the drama.


His father Din-Muhammad says, “My son (Amjad Iqbal) is a pearl for me if for some moment he disappears from my sight and goes outside home for playing or anything else I feel that there is nobody living at my house. So my home seems to me a solitary place without him, I do not give love to my other sons as much as I give to my elder son who is a very sweat-flower for me”.


“I am a master of computer and I know all about it and I play different games on it to enjoy myself,” Amjad said. He says while talking to this agency, “I sometime feel like helping my father but I do not understand how because I have got nobody to show me the way to do this thing or that but I am very fond of drama and I want to work in drama if somebody help me giving a role in drama so that I would earn as well as spend respectful life because I feel bad even thinking of begging which I think is the work of evil.”


He even said if he is given job in any big hotel then it would be a blessing for him as well and he would be grateful.