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Beauty of the capital being recklessly ruined 

11 Julie 2011 09:42:32

Beauty of the capital being recklessly ruined


The capital cities are considered the heart all the countries and have a special role in reflecting the beauty of the whole country as well. This is very true that it is as important as the role of the heart in human body and they are given mostly high status and more resources are spent on the infrastructure and for making it green because it depicts the image of the whole country. When the business community comes to visit any country they first visit the capital city since that is the representation of the whole country.


There is a huge traffic in Islamabad going here and there while the hazardous smoke-emitting vehicles are increasingly plying on the roads of Islamabad without being checked by the traffic police. They are not even bothered to stop and check them and give them notices to mend their vehicles and bikes etc.


Poor conditioned taxies, vans, cars and bikes are seen emitting dangerous gases, polluting the beauty of Islamabad but no one is even bothered to think of stopping this heinous act of ruining the pleasant atmosphere of the city.


The CDA has started a campaign recently for making the city lush green and the streams more beautiful and that is claimed to give Islamabad a very good look but they are not aware of the fact that the said campaign is not going to bring fruit if smoke pollution goes unchecked.


It is an alarming situation which needs to be addressed and the attention of the authorities needs to be diverted in this direction so that something practical is done to avoid and prevent the city from being spoiled. If it goes unchecked it will contaminate the atmosphere and will increase the risk of various breath-related diseases while on the other hand the beautiful scenery and eye-catching beauty of nature of Islamabad will be lost for good.