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Did they exercise a choice to be born so? 

11 Julie 2011 09:34:41

Did they exercise a choice to be born so?

Shah Daulah’s rats need to be treated as ‘special children’

Shah Daulah’s rats are those children who are ‘Micro cephalic’ (small headed). In Pakistan, such children are known as chuhay or ‘rat people’. The name is uncharitable but appropriate for their sloping foreheads and narrow faces. They are all considered and related to Sufi Saint by the name of Shah Daulah whose shrine is located in Gujarat.

Tolo (child’s name) is one of them who is Micro-cephalic and is born with small head. He begs with his mother named Najira Bibi at F-8 Markaz and is passing the journey of life with great difficulty. As now-a-days most chuhas are beggars at the different areas and streets of Pakistan. They are mentally disabled and cannot do anything expect begging for survival in the society.

While talking to INFN Najira said, “Tolo is my son who is 15 years old and was born with this disease which was so painful for all of us because we were worried about his future because he cannot do anything. We earn 400 rupees throughout the day in this scorching heat and are compelled to live in tent near Iqbal colony Rawalpindi and come here for begging in Islamabad.”

Najira Bibi had 1 son Tolo and 2 unmarried daughters, her husband is a cup seller as vender from which he cannot survive in this tough time. They have been living in the tent for the last 35 years because they cannot buy any house even on rent.

“I consider myself unlucky woman of the world who has not seen any happiness till yet because I haven’t any facility of life and my son is a born Micro-cephalic as well,” Najira complained about his hard luck.

When INFN contacted with Dr. Ghori, Medical Specialist at PIMS, he said, “When mothers do not abstain from extensive labor and hard work while pregnant and lift heavy-weights, eat rotten food, are weak and unaware about the care that a woman should take during pregnancy, there are chances of Micro-cephalic baby being born.”

When we tried to talk to Tolo, he didn’t understand anything because his intelligence level is same as that of about 1 or 2 years old child despite the fact that he is 15 years old. Although he can hear and see yet he cannot speak properly like other children.

“Tolo is passing his life with this disease which has made him forget about his feelings, needs, worship, and the purpose of his creation but he has a heart and soul like others. We have to take such children seriously and consider them as human beings not aliens and treat them nicely as they are so because of no fault of theirs. They need to be treated as special children and they should be given admission in special children’s institutions,” pleaded Najira.