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Door chalking turns a nuisance for people: 

09 Julie 2011 03:13:48

Door chalking turns a nuisance for people:


Strange language spoiling the beauty of doors, houses

Different teams of census, Ngo’s and other organizations have been spoiling the beauty of people’s painted doors awkwardly for the last many a year. Every month they come to visit the areas while chalking on the doors and write something which is understandable.


It depicts as if small children have written something randomly which they themselves do not understand after writing. They write their specific codes and then solve algebraic questions on the walls and then proceed to the next door. Every house’s wall and door is spoiled with this useless and irrelevant random writings.


Munnawar Awan said, “I painted my door so many times but after a month it is spoiled by the census and survey teams. I am being perturbed by them and I do not understand what to do with them to get rid of myself.”


While talking to this agency, Muhammad Saeed said, “This time I am determined to show the way to those who are involved in wall-chalking, I will not tolerate them because no one takes action against them.”


He added that, “Why do the survey teams cover the walls and the doors with writing despite noting them down in their diaries.”


The issue really needs to be addressed on war footings as people of Rawalpindi are fed up after getting their doors painted again and again. The government should come forward to save the citizens from this irritating situation. On the other hand, the NGOs, Polio drops teams and surveyors should also behave responsibly and should avoid destroying the beauty of houses just for the sake of their convenience. The matter is really serious as it is synonymous of spreading visual pollution to the already polluted civic environment.