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Disability, Disease Ruined his Fruit Trade 

07 Julie 2011 11:13:32 nm

Disability, Disease Ruined his Fruit Trade;

Business Savvy Naubat Wishes to Own a Shop


Special people are given special treatment around the world and they are also helped financially in such a way that they could fulfil their own simple necessities of life and it is the responsibility of the government as well but in our country they are not given that much preference as it should be given while there is no such plan and policy of helping the physically impaired children of polio in the country.


Our government is not paying heed to the polio affected people who are leading their lives miserably while showing the picture of moving corpses who cannot do any work to support themselves. Western nations are successful only due to their sympathy and tenderness they demonstrate towards special people and they do not look down upon them.


Naubat Khan, physically impaired, aged 27 has been living a very wretched life sitting in his wheel chair which is driven by his young nieces and nephews while wandering in search of job but cannot find any.


He has 5 brothers and 4 sisters and all are jobless including his father. He used to sell fruits in a cart in Baraf Khana Chowk on Misrial Road and he used to support his family with the money he earned every day by selling fruits but now he has been compelled to quit his business due to his father’s illness because his father used to bring the fruits from fruit Mandi and his father cannot go to fruit Mandi now, to bring fruits for him to sell while he is lying sick on the bed. Now he is wandering and he has nobody to earn and support his family.


He said, “Since the time my father got ill I have stopped doing my work because he was the sole person who used to help me in bringing fruits for the shop. Now we have been leading an appalling life for nearly a year but to whom shall we complain? No body is going to pay heed to our grievances and sort out our problems.”

He added, “My father is suffering from a lungs disease and his eyesight is also very weak and he is unable to do any job to support a family of 12 members.”


He said he once went to a dignified person of the area and asked him for help, however, instead of helping and solacing, he tore away the application. He was disappointed at that time very much and he thought that the world is too much with him and selfishness prevails all around.


He said while taking to this agency, “I have only one wish of having a shop where I can restart earning to support my family and may become able to give ease and comfort to my parents. I have no one to help me but I still hope for the best because the whole world is running on hope.”