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Surge of street crime in the city perturbing residents: 

04 Julie 2011 07:22:51

Surge of street crime in the city perturbing residents:


Cell phone, wallet and purse snatching on the rise


The increases in the activities of anti-social elements are mushrooming in the city in the area of Saidpur, Satellite Town near Commercial Market while people have been left at the mercy of looters.


Muhammad Sami, who is a student, told INFN, “Two bikers at gun-point on the way from Commercial to Holy Family intercepted us and told us to hand over all the money and cell phones we had and they took everything away. We went to the nearest police station for an FIR but we were made to wait for long and we told the police that our mobile which was taken away by snatchers was on for 2 hrs but they did not do anything for us.”


In another incident, pillion riders snatched mobile phone from a college student. He told INFN, “I was coming back to my hostel after having dinner in the hotel when the bikers stopped me and took my cell phone along with wallet.”


While talking to INFN two ladies aged 35 and 40 shared on the condition of anonymity, “We were coming from Holy Family hospital and we were intercepted by snatchers who took away our bags and deprived us of our cell phones in broad daylight.”