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Blind Boy Gifted with ‘Inner Light’ 

04 Julie 2011 07:12:28

Blind Boy Gifted with ‘Inner Light’


Muhammad Usman, who is a Hafiz- e- Quran aged 24, is seen busy in begging with her sister Raishma, 11 on Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Road. Blind by birth and having 7 sisters and 4 brothers, he belongs to Kohat but is currently living in Rawalpindi in a rented house. One of his younger sisters is also blind by birth.


Usman shared with INFN saying, “I am elder than all my brothers and sisters and therefore a huge responsibility is on my shoulders of caring and looking after them. I have no option to do other work except begging on the edge of road with my sister who helps me out in this job.”


His father is a heart patient therefore he still remains at home and is not doing any job. He is compelled to do begging on the various roads of Rawalpindi because he is the only source of survival of their family. “If I do not do this then they all would remain hungry till night so I joined this profession for them,” he regretting.


While talking to INFN Raishma said, “I am studying in 4th class at Al Hamza School in People’s Colony Rawalpindi but my school expenditure is so higher that I have to earn through this shameful profession.”


“I am not happy with this work which I am doing with my elder brother but our financial constraints brought us on the road for begging.” Raishma added with innocent face.


“I have no regrets about my fate of being a blind by birth because I believe in Allah who has deprived me from this priceless blessing because Allah is so merciful and kind for all of us and I am sure, he must have some great gift for me in replacement of my eyes that may reveal some day in this world or the world hereafter,” Usman said sadly.