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Transportation system is being paralyzed; 

02 Julie 2011 02:29:33

Transportation system is being paralyzed;


No end to the woes of people; Govt drops another bomb on already victimized people


The transportation system of twin-cities is made worse already due to non-availability of gas for two-day gas load management like other cities of Punjab but it is now being paralyzed entirely by closing the CNG station for three days. The duration of closure of gas has been increased to three days against two and that is going to make people’s life wretched.


Commuters in various places like Bara Kaho, Aabpara, Faizabad, Pandora van stops are seen waiting impatiently for the transport. But after quite long time any van appears and that also is full and packed with people already.


While talking to INFN, Naeem Suleman who was waiting along with crowd of people on van stop in Faizabad said, “I have been waiting for one hour but no public transport can be seen. We waste at least 3 hours while going anywhere in the twin-cities.”


Muhammad Kashif Raja, a taxi driver said, “I have filled the gas cylinder yesterday night and it would work only for half a day and after that we would leave it wherever gas is burnt and for the following whole day we would have nothing to do and it be very difficult for us to eat two times meal a day.”


Mr. Kashif while talking to INFN further said, “This is corrupt government and people are silent and they are just playing a role of spectator, if the people of the twin-cities come out of our house and stage a protest in front of parliament then you will see how they restore the closure of CNG but who dares to do this?”


While talking to people present on Kachehri stop, F-8 panic was visible on the faces as people had to go home and no transport was seen. Ayesha Ali, a student said, “For 50 minutes we are suffering the torture of waiting for the public transport but we cannot see any van. The cab which is an expensive way to go home has even become costlier and we cannot find that one as well. Two day closure of gas was enough and now the news of three-day closure has fallen on our heads like a drone.”