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Disorderly traffic engulfs twin-cities: 

01 Julie 2011 07:47:47

Disorderly traffic engulfs twin-cities:


Practice of Switching off Traffic Signals at Night Perturbing Residents, Causing Accidents


The streets lights are lighted while the traffic signals are off during night time. The traffic signals in the federal capital as well as in Rawalpindi city are turned off most of the time during night creating problems for the people to drive safely while changing the route or taking any turn or U-turn, causing many collisions amongst vehicles and motorcyclists.


Mostly all the traffic lights in the twin-cities seem to be out of order during night because they do not show any sign and direction to the drivers for stopping or moving.


It’s been noted that when the traffic lights are not lighted or give no direction of whether to go or stop moving, vehicles started moving like herds of sheep from all the directions.


Traffic signals play vital role in maintaining discipline on the road as well as ensure the smooth flow of traffic. The traffic police cannot make themselves ready to stand on the road every time and give direction to move to go or not to go but its standard across the world that the automatic traffic light make the smooth flow of vehicles.


Everyone is in haste and wants to reach their destination ahead of others even if they don’t have a very necessary and important task to be performed but the nature of the people has become so impatient that they don’t want to wait for anything. While people sometime become beleaguered and ready to do anything like abusing and crying at others if they have to wait. So that is why discipline cannot be ensured and smooth running of vehicles is impossible without keeping in mind the importance of signals.


If these traffics light are kept lighted and work properly during night time, it will surely reduce the number of accidents and will also give ease to the people while the smooth flow of traffic without any mishap would be feasible, and people will also be saved from any untoward incident in future.