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The Role of Scholars in Awakening of Muslim Ummah 

29 Junie 2011 09:28:38 nm

The Role of Scholars in Awakening of Muslim Ummah


The Ulema conference held here in Islamabad in connection with the month of Rajab the blessed day which leads to the month of Ramadan. “Our wretchedness is due to lack of good character in us,” Moulana Azhar Bokhari on the conference named ‘Azmat-e-Rasool (s.a) Conference’.


Dr. Firdos Ashiq Awan said, “We have forgotten the teachings of Islam and we are doing against it.”

She added, “The Government is facing host of challenges due to terrorism but despite that we are trying to bring religious-harmony in Pakistan. The so-called extremists and Jihadis are not sincere with their country, Islam and are defaming the name of Muslims. They are doing all anti-Islamic activities due to the dollars being provided to them. The minority has made the majority a hostage while the philosophy of ‘self’ has been replaced by the philosophy of ‘callousness’.”


The conference was attended by Syed Ahmed Naqhs Bandhi, Syed Tanseir Bokhari, Agha Khanum, Farhana Jafferi, Syed Khanum, Teyebah Bokhari and Moulana Azhar Hassan Bokhari