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Inundated Vehicles, Flooded Roads, Fuming Residents: 

29 Junie 2011 09:27:26 nm

Inundated Vehicles, Flooded Roads, Fuming Residents:


Maiden Shower of Monsoon Spell Exposes Preparedness


The maiden shower of Monsoon has thoroughly exposed the high sounding claims of the authorities as the heavy rain that continued just for half an hour or so turned the highways and byways alike into great ponds making the traffic paralysed in different areas of the capital.


According to details scores of vehicles were seen out of order near Saudi Pak Tower that presented the look of a great canal as the vehicle owners were forced to abandon their vehicles and had to wade through muddy water to reach a drier place.


“I am so surprised to see so much water on the road leading to the parliament and wonder about the plight of the roads owing to poor drainage system of the capital in the less resourceful and remote areas. It had rained only for half an hour and the city looks like a muddy pond. What if the rain would have lasted a few hours longer? The capital should have surely been drowned and had cost the residents damage beyond repair,” remarked a car owner talking to INFN whose brand new Corolla got stuck in the rain water and he was wet to the knees near blue area.


“Soon after the rain, I was asked by many commuters to take them to Rawalpindi but I refused knowing that there will be rain-water ruling in Rawalpindi and decided to take a passenger to Aabpara Market from F-8 Markaz. My confidence in the efficiency of our development authority was shattered as soon as I turned from Faisal Avenue towards the Blue Area when I saw an endless queue of vehicles. Moving farther I had the worst experience of my life, nearly one kilometre area in front of Saudi Pak Tower was flooded and many vehicles were out of order as water entered their silencers. Soon the muddy water entered the taxi and my feet were dip into it. Now I will have to spend hours cleaning it and soaking water out of it,” shared a taxi driver, Muhammad Fiaz while talking to INFN.


It has been reported that the Flood Relief Cell in the capital has been put on high alert which will function round the clock, and would be equipped with latest relief devices including 20 de-watering pumps, vehicles including pickups, shovels, front-end loaders and dumpers. Flood Relief Cell will reportedly ensure that all flushing units with operational staff are available round the clock for quick and prompt response at enquiry offices. However, these claims will be tested very soon as the monsoon is expected to bring greater pour this year.