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‘Justice Delayed isn’t necessarily Justice Denied’ 

29 Junie 2011 09:26:52 nm

‘Justice Delayed isn’t necessarily Justice Denied’


Declared ‘Kari’, Haleema Finally Gets Justice


SC orders arrest of all Jirga Members


Haleema Bhutto, a Kaari victim from Ghotki who was entrenched along with her baby and family in front of the National Press Club, Islamabad since last year finally gets relief as Iftikhar Muhammad Ch., the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan has given a verdict on Wednesday in favour of her.


According to details the chief justice has ordered to arrest all the Jirga participants who had declared her ‘KARI’ to kill her in the name of honour. “The Supreme Court has further ordered the District Police Officer (DPO) to provide security and make arrangements to release the property within 15 days. In case of failure, it is made clear that the DPO will be responsible,” Haleema's brother informed INFN.

Haleema Bhutto appealed demanding justice saying, “If they [the government] can’t give me justice after sitting on Benazir’s seat, then what good are they for?” Haleema Bhutto, from Ghotki was entrenched in front of the National Press Club in Islamabad. In March 2010, her husband declared her ‘Kari’, and the village ‘Panchayat’ declared her punishable by death. To save her life and struggle for justice, she came to Islamabad and committed to remain persistent until justice comes.