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Pakistani youth impresses Johann Olaz; 

10 Junie 2011 08:20:29

Pakistani youth impresses Johann Olaz;

Helped in reversing the ‘Negative Image’ of Country

Mr. Johann Olaz Koss, President ‘The Right to Play Organization’ briefed the media regarding his recent visit to the partner schools of ‘Right to Play’ in Mardan and Mansehra and his interaction with the children there in a function at Islamabad Hotel today.

He also told about his visit to the field offices of the organization. He added,” Pakistani children have really impressed me and it has really helped me in reversing the negative image of Pakistan from my mind.”

Answering a question he replied, “I do not believe in the oft-quoted statement that Pakistan is a dangerous country. On meeting the Pakistani youth I have realized that Pakistani youth is enthusiastic, hard-working and peace-loving. Right to Play intends to broaden its spectrum by providing the opportunities of playing and education to more Pakistani children.”